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60th Diamond Anniversary Cake Toppers


The piece that you put on top of the cake that is designed to be the centrepiece of your Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations has to be perfect. Some like to keep the decorations very simple and discreet, and some like to make them more flambouyant, so we have tried to find options for you that help to convey both moods in a tasteful and quality way. The more subtle end of the spectrum could easily be provided by our lovely diamante numbers. Available in both a large and small version - the larger of the two on a silver stem that can be inserted into the top of the cake to make the sixty stand out - these numbers are a clear indication of the event that is being celebrated, but they also provide a wonderful sense of grandeur as they are studded with diamantes. because they are quality items they really do look as though they are studded with diamonds and so they could not fit the occasion more accurately.
The alternative, if you would like to shout the news of the diamond anniversary just a little louder, is our lovely chapagne glasses topper set on a silver plinth. It Makes for a fine topper and is ideal for a larger cake as it is a reasonable size itself. Somewhere in between you'll find a cake spray adorned with flowers and a silver 60, or possibly a sugar rose or orchid spray that doesn't provide a specific message but does provide a wonderful cake decoration.
Whatever your choice, it is the topper that people are going to see first, so make sure that it makes the impression that you want to give.