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60th Diamond Anniversary Guest Books


An absolute must for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebration is a guest book adn we stock a wonderful selection. This is the place to share all those wonderful stories, memories and anecdotes that will bring a smile and a tear to the faces of the happy couple. You can write all manner of lovely things about one or other or both of the proud people concerned. It will be something that both of them refer back to time after time in the years ahead and will always bring joy and nostalgia. A few minutes careful preparation can create hours and hours of enjoyment. Our selection of guest books for 60th wedding anniversaries is as good as you'll find anywhere, so we hope that you enjoy choosing.
We always take the trouble to advise people when they are thinking of getting a guest book to prepare for its use. There are countless stories out there of  special occasions where a guest book has been provided, and where an announcement has been made to the guests to add an entry, but the results are far from satisfactory. In most cases, people just forget unless the book is placed in their hands, and the other problem is that people don't know what to write when their moment comes, and so what gets written is either just a signature, or fairly banal. It makes great sense to warn guests beforehand that this is one task they will be asked to perform at the party, and that you would be really grateful if they could give some thought in advance as to what they would like to write. The difference in contributions is unimaginable.