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Bridesmaids Gifts


As a thank you for all the help that you receive from your bridesmaids, or just because they are beautiful for you on the day, it's natural to want to buy them a lovely Bridesmaid gift for their part in your Wedding. Our personalised bears are very popular with younger bridesmaids or perhaps a record card or album so that they can fill it with memories of the special day. For older bridesmaids we have personalised champagne and a wide selection of gifts from East Of India. 
There are no absolute rules about who you need to buy gifts for at your wedding. It's just a lovely thought to say a big thank you to the people who have made it a special day for you. If, as is frequently the case, you decide to get your bridesmaids something to wear on the day, then clearly these gifts need to be given before the ceremony, and if it is some jewellery, like a necklace, then it is best to let them know in advance that this is what you intend to do. That way there's no chance that they will go out and buy something especially for the day and then be disappointed because they cannot wear it.
Your bridesmaids are special to you, and they are almost certainly close friends or relatives. It's a golden opportunity for you to mark your day by bringing a smile to all of their faces as well as your own.