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Wedding Car Ribbon


Wedding Car ribbon is made to fit almost any car to make it look really special for your big day. If you are fitting it yourself then here's how to do it:
Start by folding the ribbon in half so that you know where the centre of it is. This central piece needs to be tucked behind the bonnet catch so that the two strands of ribbon can flow from the centre of the car equally. You then pull each strand up to the top of the front window and trap it into the window at the top point so that it creates that familiar double swoop of ribbon at the front of the car. Once trapped the front doors can easily be opened and closed without causing any problem to the ribbon. It will go a little slack when the door is opened but once shut again it will regain it's taut appearance. The ribbon that we supply is quality florists ribbon that is unaffected by the weather, and so it will not matter at all if it gets wet, although we hope that it, and you, don't!! You can always add a bow to each side of the car as an extra adornment if you want to, but that is a matter of personal taste. The ribbon measures at least 6 metres long which is plenty for the vast majority of cars, even the lengthy Rolls and Bentleys that are often used for weddings

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