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Wedding Banners and Bunting


We supply a large range of wedding banners and bunting along with paper pom poms and paper chains.
Our banners and bunting are easy to use and quick to put up, and will work well in any weather, so there's no need to worry if it's outside and there's the risk of the odd shower. Made with weddings in mind our range of bunting extends through the vintage romance style of bunting to the beautifully floral decorations that make the day seem so magical, although we can also offer you plain coloured bunting if you want to match your colour theme for the day. Our banners are simple and very effective, and there's always the personalised options if you prefer.

Pom poms are a simple way to cover the ceiling and look stunning. Paper chains are so traditional and create a delicate decoration strung across your wedding reception room - you can always ask the children to create these during the speeches.

There's something so very special about bunting. It has both a celebratory charm and a nostalgic air at the same time. Of course, it;s also highly practical. Not only does it create a decorative atmosphere that almost nothing else can match, but it clearly identifies to guests where the festivities are taking place. If the weather is inclement, it can still produce the village fete atmosphere inside and, probably because people have happy memories of the events they visited as children where bunting was always around, they always seem to relax. If you can get your guests to relax, then you will as well, and everyone will enjoy the day. In addition to manufactured bunting in a variety of lovely designs, we have bunting we have created and hand stitched ourselves to provide you with something truly unique. This beautiful wedding bunting is made with fabric triangles that we have stitced together so that it is just as effective seen from either side, and hung on fabric tape so you can use it as often as you want to.
Our banners are simple with straightforward messages, wishing you all the best on your big day, and we have small and large sizes to suit your venue. If you want them colour themed then our personalised options will make sure that you have exactly what you want.