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Christmas Candle Arches & Welcome Lights

  Christmas Candle Arches & Welcome Lights

Christmas welcome lights are one of the simplest ways that you can bring a sophisticated and welcoming light into your home and a wonderful Christmas welcome to any guests arriving at your door. During the festive season place Konst Smide Christmas arches into the windows of your home. The now familiar pyramid appearance of the traditional arch or the slightly grander elegance of the sweeping curved arch has become such a symbol of Christmas that it's difficult to imagine the festive season without them.
Whether you choose the original wooden Christmas arch or the more contemporary colours of red, white and even black to decorate your home, you will be delighted by the effect that they provide, both for you and for any of your visitors.
Your Christmas Decorations make a statement about you, and there is something subtle and warm and sophisticated about these Christmas Welcome Lights that no other decoration can quite achieve. It is probably the simplicity of the idea that is so endearing. Born out of need in the dark days of the year in Scandinavia, where light is very limited, they have transferred to Britain seemlessly because even here our December days are short, and often gloomy and cold. The sight of a Christmas Arch not only provides welcome light but somehow makes us feel just a touch warmer at the same time.
These lovely Christmas Arches are available in a variety of styles and colours, but they all have the seven lights across the arch in common. Although originally Christmas Welcome lights would have contained five candles, the addition of the extra two candles adds something to the look of the product. The bulbs used for almost all the arches are the same, and so if you have more than one of different types the spare bulbs are interchangeable, and we carry stocks of them all the time


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