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Balloon Pumps


When you are filling lots of balloons with air a balloon pump is essential. The thought of trying to blow into hundreds of balloons leaves you breathless just thinking about it, so be sure to pick up a simple balloon pump and save your lungs!
They are very easy to use, and once the balloon is attached to the end of the pump, you can always take a breather if you want to in the middle of blowing the balloon up. It is surprising just how much air is needed to fill a balloon to full size and although it can become tiring if you have lots of balloons that need to be inflated, the alternative of blowing them with your own breath is unthinkable. Remember, that balloon pumps will only push air into the balloon, and so they won't float by themselves. In order to get them to float you will need to fill them with helium which is always sold in a canister from which you can release the helium in a controlled way into the balloon.