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Plastic Party Cutlery


High quality plastic cutlery in gold, silver and ivory This party cutlery is strong, effective and reliable. Great for your party - you can just throw it away when it is over, although should you wi.sh to, it is possible to wash it and re-use. Unlike some plastic cutlery these strong knives, forks and spoons will not let you down with hot or cold food. They are made to retain their strength and rigidity regardless of the heat of the food that you are planning to serve. We have all experienced those unfortunate occasions where a meal is served and the only implements available to help you eat it are forks which bend the moment they are shown food, and knives that have no right to bear the name. Our cutlery is different. The knives are not sharp, so there is no danger of injury, but the serrated edge of the plastic does cut, even meat, and the forks will not bend unless put under serious stress. If the forks bend when you try to spear the food, I would recommend caution when approaching it with your teeth!!
We have selected colours for the cutlery that make them suitable for a range of special occasions, but also to match a wide variety of the tableware that we have to offer, so that you can co-ordinate right through our range if you would like to.
The cutlery packs each contain eight knives, eight forks and eight spoons, just enough for a small gathering, but not too many to mean that you have to buy far more than you need to meet your number of guests. We also have metallic silver tea spoons and little forks.