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60th Diamond Anniversary Invitations


A lovely range of 60th Diamond anniversary invitations from which to choose. Organising a 60th wedding anniversary party is a delicate balance as you want to ensure that everyone that the celebrating couple would want to be there do attend, but at the same tiome you want to be sure that they are not overwhelmed. The best way to get the balance right is to plan carefully, and get invitations out early so that everyone has plenty of notice and can keep the date free, and you get plenty of notice of just how many people are likely to be there.
Our range of invitations for 60th anniversary is designed to suit the majority of tastes. We have fold over cards that have to be completed on the inside and just announce the event itself on the outside and we have single style cards where all the details are on the card for all to see as it is removed from the envelope. Either way, the details of the event are easy to complete and all include the names of those that are being invited, the venue of the party, the date and the time and all use the RSVP request to ensure that you get an answer as to whether those you have invited will be able to attend.
We can only hope that the celebration is an enormous success and a thoroughly enjoyable event. Good luck!