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60th Diamond Anniversary Latex Balloons


We have a plentiful supply of 60th wedding anniversary latex balloons. Almost everyone who buys decorations from us for a diamond anniversary adds a few balloons for the party or celebration. They are such a traditional part of the celebration scene that it feels wrong, somehow, to leave them out. The latex balloons we have to offer specifically for  this very special occasion have a white background and are decorated with a 60th anniversary motif in a heart design, and coloured lilac, when inflated - they look much darker before they have been blown. The use of lilac is because this is one of the two traditional colours that are associated with this event. Because diamonds have no specific colour (there are those that appear to carry a hue as a result of their purity and the way that they refract light) two colours have been adopted to represent the occasion, and these are lilac and silver, and most of the decorations and tableware that you will find that have produced for a diamond wedding anniversary will be in these two colours, with a white background if required.
As with all the latex balloons we supply, they are of the very best quality and are suitable for use with helium but can also be inflated with air. Once inflated to the correct level with helium they will stay afloat for between 12 and 15 hours depending on the weather conditions. If used with air they will stay blown up much longer, frequently several days.