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60th Diamond Anniversary Table Confetti


Table confetti is a great way to make your Diamond Wedding Anniversary tables look really special. Metallic confetti that you scatter around the tables is the most popular choice, and of those available our silver 60s are most frequently selected for a 60th anniversary along with our silver 'happy anniversary' confetti. However, we hate to limit choice too much and so we have both hearts and champagne glasses in silver or in lilac, as well as stars and butterflies in silver. It's not uncommon to mix two or more of these together and adding some silver and some lilac together works really well as the two colours compliment each other so effectively.
For those that don't like the metallic scatter option, we have beautiful petals suitable for 60th wedding anniversaries that can be dotted around the table to create a soft, colourful display. There are a choice of colours but once again the most frequently used are the lilac paper petals and the silver fabric petals. As these are a good size (not far off two inches across) you only need three or four per place setting to make a real impact. As a result you can decorate three tables of ten people with a single pack, so the petal option is economic as well as beautiful.
Whether you are decorating a single table for close family or a number of tables for a larger gathering, we're sure that you'll love the impression you can make with the simplest of table decorations.