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Wedding Cake Decorations


Our wedding cake decorations includes a range of cake toppers in a range of styles, personalised wedding cake ribbon, cupcake stands, pretty doilies and a large range of wedding cake boxes.

Choosing the decoration for your wedding cake is a matter of style and personal taste, and there are hundreds of options available. We have concentrated on the traditional decorations along with accessories such as sugar flower sprays that make the simplest yet most effective and beautiful decorations. The traditional bride and groom is not, of course, a simple choice in itself, as there are a variety of types of bride and groom, dressed in different styles, and the trick is finding the one to suit your special occasion.
We can also provide simple flower decorations, arches and ring cushions to go on the top of your cake if you would prefer not to go with the traditional couple. We have sugar sprays in several colours that can be used to add a delicate colouring to an otherwise white surface - a subtle way of introducing the colour theme of your wedding to your cake. If you are making your own cake and your are happy to ice it, but don't have the very special skills to create your own flower decorations, these can be a very effective ready made alternative.
A large number of brides get their cake made for them, and iced by a professional, and this does, of course, take the worry out of this most important of centrepieces for your big day. Even so, many people still want to put their own final finishing touch to the cake, or add a little decoration of their own, just to place their own mark on the cake, and almost all cake makers will be happy to accept additions from the bride and groom - just have a chat to your cake maker about exactly what you would like to add.