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Wedding Cake Stands


A really delightful way to serve wedding cake is to go with the very popular choice of individual cupcakes for everyone. Whilst you may want to show off your cupcakes in a single place, or even in some cleverly designed display, is there any more elegant way of serving them to your guests when the time comes than by providing and individual cupcake stand for each table. The traditional cutting of the cake could be replaced by the bride and groom visiting each table carrying a small stand of cupcakes with just enough for one for each guest at the table. With no cake to cut, it replaces that particular event with a real sense of ceremony and a wonderful opportunity for the wedding couple to ensure that they speak to everyone.
We have a beautiful range of cupcake stands in a variety of designs. all of which would grace your wedding day with elegance and beauty. They are very simple to construct, coming as they do in just a few slot together pieces (there's no need for glue, folding, tape or anything else. They can be put together in a few seconds and are sturdy enough to be carried with confidence once laden with cakes. There are a number of different sizes, some with a single layer and some with multiple layers, so you can choose the ones that are right for you and your occasion.
Whatever you decide to do regarding your cakes and the way that you display them and present them to your guests, we hope that you have a wonderful day, and a long and happy future together.