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Wedding Latex Balloons


Latex balloons are the traditional inflatable balloons made from latex rubber. They expand as you inflate them and, if filled with helium gas to the recommended level, they will float for many hours, providing a wonderful wedding decoration in the perfect colours to suit your special day. Our guide to balloon decoration provides you with some great ideas as to how you can use latex balloons to get the best effect for your wedding.
The most popular form of displays are the simplest to produce. Tie three balloons filled with helium to a weight that will hold them in place. Make sure that the lengths of the ribbon holding the balloons are all different so that the balloons are all help at different heights, with the lowest on just a couple of feet above the weight. Then place this display on the tables at your reception, and once each table is decorated in this way, you'll just love the impact that all that colour and height has on the way that the venue looks. You choose the colours according to the theme that you have chosen for your event, but the best way is always to choose two colours that match or contrast gently, and then stick to this combination for all your displays. You can always choose a decorated balloon for one of the three, so something that is printed with 'Just Married' or 'Wedding Wishes' but still in a colour that will combine well with your alternative choice. Make sure that the ends of the ribbon that hang down from the necks are curled - this just adds the final touch and gives you a professional look.