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Helium and Where To Find It In The UK.

We provide helium quality balloons but we do not offer helium for sale over the internet, as a result of the safety aspects of sending pressurised helium canisters through the post, and the cost of doing so.

Filling Balloons

It's not difficult to fill balloons with helium once you have either a disposable or returnable canister, as the gas is under pressure and will be supplied with a regulator to ensure that you can control the speed with which you fill the balloons. The trick for many people is in tying balloons and there is an easy way to do this. We have provided detailed instructions with pictures to help you in our Balloon guide which you can find on this link

There are two main ways of obtaining helium so that you can fill your own balloons.

Watch our video demonstration of making balloon decorations and tying balloons on Youtube

Where to find Helium

Disposable canisters

These can be obtained from a number of party shops and you should be able to find one local to you, or the other shop that we know does stock helium gas is Asda. These canisters will fill between 18 - 22 balloons if you are using 11" balloons. The cost will vary but this can be quite an expensive way to fill balloons particularly if you have quite a number to fill, as you may need several canisters

Re-useable canisters

The alternative is to hire a small helium canister from an agent of Air Products. They will hire out a canister to you together with the valve you need to fill balloons for about £70 and this will fill up to 200 balloons. Go to the link below and you will get the information that you need to be able to find an agent in your area who can help you.

Air Products Branch Locator

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