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40th Ruby Anniversary Foil Balloons


Ruby Wedding Anniversary foil balloons in both printed and plain metallic designs. Fill with helium, tie with ribbon and secure with a balloon weight. Ideal on tables - use two foil balloons or one foil and two latex on each display. Mix and match plain and printed balloons to create a stunning 40th Anniversary table decoration. 
The beauty of the foil balloons is that they are bigger than latex balloons and so you don't need so many. However, they are also more robust, so if the displays are likely to get knocked or handled by guests it's better to use foils as they are much less likely to pop - in fact it's quite difficult to pop a foil balloon without a significant amount of force. In addition, they will float when filled with helium for much longer than latex balloons. On average, whilst a latex balloon will float for 12 - 15 hours, a foil will float for 2 or 3 days, and it is always possible, if a foil looks a little saggy, to add a small puff of helium and return it to its former glory. The self sealing valve at the nexk of the balloon allows this to be done quite easily, whereas it's almost impossible to do this with latex balloons.