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40th Ruby Anniversary Latex Balloons


We stock 40th Ruby Wedding balloons by Qualatex in both small and large bags of latex balloons. These balloons are of professional quality and are ideal for filling with either helium or air. If inflated to the correct size (11 inches side to side) with helium they will float for up to 15 hours depending on the conditions - warmer environments will mean that the float time is reduced. If filled with air they will stay inflated for days, and can be used for games after they have been used for decorating your ruby anniversary party.
For the best effect when filling with helium put two of the decorated balloons with a contrasting colour, such as silver or gold, in a display of three balloons, and stagger the heights of the balloons when attaching them to the weight that will hold them, but don't make the heights so different that there is a visible gap between the balloons. Attach to the weight with curling ribbon, ideally of the same colour as the balloon, and leave enough ribbon over from the balloon once it has been set at the right height, so that you can leave a curled ribbon trailing from it. The final result is very attractive. If you are making up a number of sets of these displays, make sure that, as far as possible, you ensure that the balloons in each display are at the same heights as those in adjoining displays. Have a great 40th anniversary celebration.