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We will be closed from 2 p.m. on 20/09 until 09.00 on 28/09
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50th Golden Anniversary Party Balloons


50th Golden Anniversary party balloons turn the whole place gold in minutes! Talk about the Midas touch! There's something about the colour gold that all of us find alluring, and seeing a sea of gold across a crowded room can be quite an intoxicating experience. Of course, for an event as important as this, it's just what you want your guests to feel. This is a very special occasion, and needs to be celebrated in a way that only the richness of gold can provide.
The quality balloons that can do this for you come in a number of designs and styles and whilst the choice is yours, they will all create the magical atmosphere that your 50th anniversary deserves when they are floating gently above your party tables. The options available include plain gold balloons in both latex and in a variety of shapes in foil balloons, together with those, still in gold, but decorated with  the 50th anniversary motif to single our the occasion.
Both types of balloons can be filled with air or helium, and will actually stay inflated much longer with air, but of course you'll need helium if you want the balloons to float. We sell all the accessories that you need to help you to create your balloon decorations as well - the curling ribbon to tie the balloons and the weights to which to fix them, as well as simple plastic pumps for use when filling your balloons with air.