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50th Golden Anniversary Latex Balloons


Our 50th anniversary latex balloons are the best quality balloons available. They come from the home of professional balloon decorating and are used by thousands of people across the UK. We sell only the 11 inch latex balloons because although you will find cheaper 9 inch balloons, if you are planning to use helium to make them float, the smaller ones will only stay afloat for a few hours at most. Our full size 11 inch balloons will stay afloat for between 12 and 15 hours once inflated to the correct level with helium. This still means that you need to ensure that you prepare your balloon displays on the day that you actually need them, but once they have been done you need not be concerned that they will wilt and droop before the event begins.
We find it best, after a lot of experience of preparing balloon displays for parties and weddings, to create displays of three latex balloons if you are planning to use them as the centrepiece on tables. This is sufficient without being overdone, and yet does not look sparse on the table. We'd usually recommend that you add a contrasting colour to the main colour that you choose - almost certainly gold for a 50th anniversary celebration, as this provides a lift to your displays. The ideal combination, therefore, might be one gold anniversary balloon with the motif on it, one plain gold balloon, and perhaps an ivory balloon in the middle.