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Wedding Favour Bags


Wedding Favours are most simply provided using organza drawstring bags. They have long been a tradition at receptions as a way of ensuring that there is a gift for everyone attending the occasion. The Italian born tradition is for each guest to receive five sugared almonds although the alternative and frequently preferred sugared chocolates are very often presented to guests these days. The five sweets are representative of health, wealth, long life, fertility and happiness. Our lovely little organza favour bags make the preparation of these little presents very simple indeed. Just pop your gift of chocolates or almonds, or whatever else you decide to choose, into the bag and pull the drawstring to close it. All you now need to do is lay it on the table at the place of each guest. because these can be supplied in any number of shades, you can ensure that they are a suitable match with the colour or colours that you have chosen as the theme to your big day, and they make a wonderful additional table decoration as well as doubling as gift.
Organza bags are usually made in a size that comfortably accommodates the five sweets that make up the traditional favour, but there are some available in larger sizes so that, should you wish to provide your guests with a larger gift (for instance a miniature bottle of spirits is quite a popular option) then there is the opportunity to house these in a drawstring bag as well. These larger bags are also provided with a flat card base which makes it much easier to ensure that the contents remain upright.