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Wedding Favour Chocolates & Sweets


Wedding favour chocolates are the modern alternative to the traditional sugared almonds. The popularity of almonds has decreased significantly, in part because of the availability of chocolates in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and in part because there are that many people around now who have some form of allergy towards nuts that most people don't like to offer them to a wide variety of guests. The most successful chocolates to provide for your guests are the sugar coated variety, available in a number of colours. These work well for two reasons. They don't melt and stain, and when there are people all dressed in their finery sticky chocolate covered fingers are not popular. They also don't need wrapping in the way that any other chocolate does and so they are usually less expensive. This is an important consideration if you are buying upwards of 500 chocolates. 
They are now available in dragee shape - the traditional shape that most closely resembles an almond, but also in heart shapes which are often thought of as appropriate for a wedding. They are also available in a wide range of colours that can once again be used to match with the theme of your wedding.

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