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Wedding Favour Decorations


The final touch to your wedding favours is the way in which you decorate them. This can range from simplicity itself, in the form of a ribbon or actually nothing at all, through to the most ornate and intricate decoration. Of course, time will inevitably be a factor in your decision, together with who you are able to recruit to help you in this task. In the days when this tradition was started, it was almost a competition between the wealthy families to see who could provide the most exquisitely decorated favours, but the tradition has now, thankfully, softened somewhat, so that guests are delighted by receiving any gift, and are certainly not inspecting it for decoration.
However, the final touches that you make can create a lasting impression, and the perfect twist to accentuate the colours and style that you have chosen for your wedding decorations and for your bridesmaids. The placement of a simple diamante on the key point of a favour box can turn it from ordinary into special, or similarly with a well placed pair of hearts. These simple decorations can be obtained very easily, and as they are available in self adhesive form these days, fixing them in place becomes a very simple task. 

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