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Guide To Choosing and Decorating Wedding Favours

Gold Wedding Favour bag  Morning Suit wedding favour box

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Wedding Favours or Bonbonniere is an established tradition here in the UK, and also in many other parts of the World but it originated more than four centuries ago in Italy when a small gift was presented to each of the guests at a wedding to say thankyou to them for helping to celebrate that special day. As more of us have visited Italy and many Italians have settled around the World, so this charming tradition has spread with them. Of course wedding favours are also a wonderful way to decorate the reception tables.

Traditionally, Wedding Favours take the form of five sugared almonds, or five pieces of chocolate or other confectionery. The five pieces represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. 

Our Youtube guide to decorating Favour Boxes

For presentation we can offer small decorative bags, or a decorated miniature box.

Wedding favour boxes are available in a variety of colours and add the opportunity for you to make your favours  personal by choosing the colour and style of decoration that you select for the box. We have a superb range of silk and organza ribbons, flowers, tea roses, and butterflies for you to choose from, you can decide on the complexity of your decoration.

Organza Favour bags come in a variety of colours and you can therefore select a colour that matches your purpose.

Favour Boxes usually have some additional decoration, and this is where you can become creative. The decoration can range from a satin ribbon or an organza ribbon  tied around the favour box or used to tie the top of the box through to a complicated arrangement of small flowers or buds tied into an organze bow. There are many other decorations that you can create as well.

Chocolates (sugar coated dragees in several colours) are now very popular as an alternative to sugared almonds and we have a range of both almonds and chocolate dragees in several colours. We are always able to get them in other colours if you can't see what you want. Your Wedding Favour gift could easily be a miniature bottle, a tiny cosmetic or a candle, a bag of tiny toys for a child, and it is common to choose one gift for the ladies and an alternative for the gentlemen.

The most popular choice of gift still remains wedding favour confectionery, and is always well received by guests. We are able to obtain foil covered chocolates as well as the dragees, but three are advantages of coated chocolates for a wedding. Being sugar coated, these chocolates won't melt or leave marks on new clothes on a warm day!!

Many people ask us "why almonds?" for wedding favours.

Legend has it that Almonds started their association with love with the Greek,  Demophon. He met and fell in love with Phyllis, a princess. Shortly before the wedding Demophon was told that his father had died back in his home of Athens, and so, of course, he had to return for the funeral. He made Phyllis a promise that he would return by a particular date but the journey and the circumstances he found in Athens meant that he was three months late returning (of course communications were not as they are now, so Phyllis simply assumed that the promise had been broken.Stricken with grief and certain that she would never see her husband to be again, Phyllis tragically killed herself. The Gods decided to change her into an almond tree, so touched were they by the strength of her love. Demophon was devastated and offered a sacrifice to the almond tree, declaring his undying love. In response, the almond tree blossomed, and so the link between the almond and undying love was created.

Because there are so many people who don't like almonds or nuts of any kind, the substitution of chocolate covered in a candy coat (to avoid getting anyone in a mess when they are wearing their finest!) has become very common.


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