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Wedding Decorations Checklist and Budgeting


Your wedding reception is so important but there are so many wedding decorations available on the market it is often difficult to work out how much it will all cost. There are decorations available to suit all budgets and we have produced this guide to help you decide which sort of decorations to have and how to work out the cost.

First of all you need to split your wedding decorations into table decorations and room decorations. You may feel that you only want table decorations as the natural surroundings eliminate the need for any additional room decorations. If your wedding reception venue is in a plain room with no character of its own you may want to add additional decorations to create your own atmosphere.

Here is a table with a chart of the most popular decorations, alternatives to each, where you can source them and quantities you need. This will enable you to budget for each item and to calculate the total cost.

The Table Decorations

Essential Tableware Items



Where To Source

How Many


To Cover Tables For Uniformity and Formality.

Paper or Linen. Banquet rolls are economical

Purchase, hire or the venue may provide these

Measure your tables, allow 19 - 24 inches drop on each side and source cloths or banquet rolls to fit - usually one tablecloth per table is sufficient.

Table Runners

To create a striking colour coordinated look

Paper, organza or linen


Again measure the tables and source a length to fit - you can use table runners on the tops of each table only or allow them to drape up to 12 inches over the ends


These are essential for each guest during the meal

Paper or Linen

Purchase, hire or the venue may provide these. For a formal sit down meal use dinner size napkins, luncheon size for a less formal meal. Beverage or cocktail napkins are ideal with the cake.

Allow 1 per guest plus 5% to allow for wastage.


Essential for each guest

Metal or disposable plastic

Re-useable items are often supplied by the venue or can be hired. Disposable items can be purchased from an online wedding decorations retailer

You need enough for each guest and course - if you have three courses plus bread and butter allow cutlery for each course.


Essential for each guest

Glass or disposable plastic

Reuseable items are often supplied by the venue or can be hired. Disposable items can be purchased  online.

If you are serving wine and champagne provide one glass for each drink, some may prefer to add an alternative glass for red and white wine so this totals three glasses per guest. You may wish to offer water so provide a tumbler for each guest if you do.

Plates and Bowls

Essential for each guest

Standard reuseable crockery or disposable

Reuseable items are often supplied by the venue or can be hired. Disposable items can be purchased online 

Allow 1 per guest per course plus 5% to allow for breakages.

Basic Decorations



Where To Source

How Many

Table Centrepieces

To provide a focal point. Balloon centrepieces add height and are perfect in a featureless room.

Flowers, balloons,cake stands, bird cages.

Local florist or balloon decorator. You may be able to hire cake stands and bird cages or you can buy good quality card alternatives on line.

One per round or square table. Long top or buffet tables usually require two.

Place Cards

To assist guests in finding their seat and they eliminate a free for all

Standard blank card tent cards or glass place cards. Chalk boards, tags. You can also source printed place cards

On line, a stationery printer or make your own

One per person plus 5% to allow for errors and changes

Table Plan

To help guests to find their table

These can be printed at a stationer or you can make your own

On line or a stationery printer


Table Numbers and Holders

These are a visible means of allowing guests to quickly locate their table

Standard holders with a number, tent cards and chalk boards. You can place the number in your table centrepiece.

On line or, again, make your own

One per table.

The Extras



Where To Source

How Many

Table Scatter

To add colour and texture to the table

Metallic table confetti, paper or satin rose petals, real rose petals and table crystals

On line or a local florist

A standard bag of table confetti contains sufficient for around three tables or twenty guests. Table crystals vary according to their size but allow around ten crystals per guest.


A little thank you and keepsake for your guests

Almonds or dragees in a favour box or bag, lottery tickets, crackers or small gifts appropriate to your wedding theme. These are not obligatory and some brides do not provide favours.

On line is the main source

One gift per guest. The tradition for standard size almonds or dragees is five per guest.

Ice Breakers

These discussion cards allow the table to get to know each other and are also great time fillers between courses

There are many themed cards available and you can create your own

Many titles are available on line

These are generally sold in boxes of sixty questions. Allow one box per table.

Disposable Cameras

Allow guests to snap moments as they happen

A guest on each table to be asked to use a digital camera

Many designs are available on line

One or two per table or one for every six guests






The Room Decorations







Where To Source

How Many


To decorate and create focal points for example a hearth or mantelpiece, the venue entrance or window sill

Real flowers, dried or fabric flowers.

Your local florist

This depends on your total budget, the room you wish to dress and the areas available


To create focal points and to create the celebration atmosphere. A balloon arch behind the top table or cake table. The corners of the dance floor, the entrance and the corners of the room.

Helium filled balloon arches and groups of five or seven balloons around the room. Balloon drops over the dance floor in a net, air filled balloons tied to pillars.

You can source the balloons on line and arrange for a friend to helium fill them on the morning of the Wedding or use a professional balloon company.

This depends on the areas you need to fill. Allow for five or seven balloons on a weight in corners, the edge of the dance floor, the entrance and other areas you need to fill


Swags are ideal where a room has a plain ceiling and walls and you want to create that romantic feel

Organza or lace rolls - twist the fabric and attach to pillars or pin to the wall; bunting in coordinating colours for a vintage style look.

Organza and lace rolls are available on line. Bunting is available on line in may colours or you can make your own.

Measure the areas to be filled and add a third to allow for the twisting and draping of the fabric or bunting.


To create a personal message for the Happy Colour

Personalised Banners or pre-printed good luck banners

On line. So Raise Your Glasses prints personalised banners the same day.

This depends on the wall space available.


Click here for a pdf file of this wedding decorations budget guide which you can print or download.

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